Hitch to Hope

A journey for life

"In every life we have some trouble but when you worry you make it double,
don't worry, be happy."
Bobby McFerrin

There is a lot of truth in this phrase
and at least for me it is the case
that this phrase makes me smile
I won't be frightend for a while
a smile makes for a strenghty face

Because a smile is strong and a smile is worthy
a smile that long heals any hurty
so next time when you're taking a dive
just remember to laugh at life.

On this world there are a lot of children who are in need of laughter. They have no parents and they are dependant on the care of others.

I'm a man who wants to make people laugh, and so i want to make those children laugh aswell.

And so I will leave on a journey. I wil travel the world to visit different orphanages to offer my help. With my experience in leading sportsactivities and the occasional handyman skills i hope to contribute a positive experience to those kids.

But that's not all. You can help me and the orphans by donating. For every kilometer that I travel you can donate an amount of money. This money will go to the ex-childsoldiers from Uganda. For them Hope North is founded. An orphanage/school where these children, but also other less fortunate children, can stay and enjoy an education.

To go to the donation system click here.

Are you curious who I am and why i want to do this, see my short motivation/autobiografy.

If you want to read about my experiences regularly, subscribe here for the e-mail newsletter. I will post messages to describe my progress.

I wish you a lot of following and reading fun!

Much love,

Teun Sibon.

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